For Palomar Health Board of Directors.

Patients over Profits.

Why vote for Carol Ware for Palomar Health Board of Directors?

As a 4S Ranch resident since 2003, and with 3 generations living in my home, we share the need for the closest trauma hospital serving us to have the highest quality medical staff and access to the latest in lifesaving technologies.  I am alarmed to learn from Doctors and Nurses that the quality of patient care has greatly declined over the last few years, especially in the emergency trauma department!  

As a Board member, I will prioritize providing timely and quality patient care over a one-dimensional focus on bottom-line profits.  Our community deserves the best possible patient care available.

My service on non-profit Foundations and Boards of Directors have included:

- 4S Ranch/Del Sur Community Foundation (an affiliate of the San Diego Foundation)
- Del Norte High School Foundation (Poway Unified School District PUSD)
- Oak Valley Falcon Foundation (PUSD)
- Stone Ranch Elementary School Foundation (PUSD)
- Del Norte High School Boys Lacrosse Foundation
- St. Germaine Children’s Charity
- Torrey Pines Christian Church”

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Excellence in Patient Care

I will work tirelessly to ensure our community medical centers consistently answer the question: Will this expenditure of taxpayer money improve the quality of patient care?  

Whether Palomar Health is your primary care provider or your nearest emergency trauma hospital, with me on the Board you can rest assured that excellence in world-class patient care is truly my priority.

Experience with fiscal responsibility and board operations

As a community fundraiser and small business owner, I understand the need to stop wasteful spending.  Having served our community for over 20 years as a board member for various non-profit organizations, I have experience administering funds in an ethical and transparent manner.

These experiences are enhanced with the graduate training I received, earning a Masters in Organizational Management, providing me the solid foundation I need to hold firm positions and the openness necessary to work collaboratively with other board members. Our taxpayers deserve fiscal responsibility, ethical stewardship, and proper oversight of public money.